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What does it do?

The MoistureMeterD Compact is an all-in-one measurement unit that is composed of an integrated probe, a built in contact pressure sensor and a display screen. The LCD display shows measured values in percentage of local tissue water (0 to 99%) down to an effective depth of 2mm. The MoistureMeterD Compact may be used either as a stand-alone device or measurement data may be collected wirelessly to the DelfWin software (sold separately).

How does it work?

The MoistureMeterD Compact generates a high frequency, low power ­electromagnetic (EM) wave which the ­tissue is exposed to. The reflected EM wave is registered and the obtained value is a dielectric constant, which is ­proportional to the water content of the measured tissue. This TDC (tissue dielectric constant) value is converted to water percentage and displayed on the screen. The value ­increases with increasing water content and oedema.


  • Quick reliable and easy to use
  • Portable
  • Connects to a pc


  • Works on all body areas
  • Early detections
  • Easily evaluate change in limb volume