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For over twenty years Haddenham has focussed on providing problem solving solutions to assist lymphoedema therapists, and now for the first time we are pleased to be able to provide these direct to you the patient. Haddenham Healthcare is pleased to introduce...

Lymphshop offers all the products you have been able to purchase in our patient-shop (such as skin creams and donning aids) but now you can purchase a select range of Haddenham compression garments, too.

  • Extra Garments
    Lymphshop allows you to easily purchase additional pairs of compression tights and stockings, just as they were measured and prescribed by your therapist. No need for a prescription or referral, and you can even choose different colours!
  • Off the shelf compression
    Comfiwave, easywrap and Microfine
  • Compression Matters
    Sign up to the Lymphshop newsletter and receive 10% off your first order.
  • VAT Exempt?
    Ability to claim VAT exemption online, where appropriate.

  • We hope our patient-direct service continues to be of benefit to you and look forward to welcoming you to its new and improved home at

    Best wishes
    The Haddenham Team