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The LX2 is a mains powered control unit purchased with the 104 LED Cluster probe, to treat larger areas of oedema. The unit has 2 probe outputs, a skin conduction (acupuncture/trigger locator) and beam power and skin conduction displays. There is an adjustable timer setting and pulse frequencies ranging from 2.5Hz - 20 kHz. The LED probe ensures that it is safe to use on the face without causing eye damage. The probe uses 2 different wavelengths on the red light spectrum of 660 and 850 nm. This probe gives an average power density of ­­ 100mW/cm2 with a total power of 2W. This probe is recommended for treatment of lymphoedema and wound healing, however additional probes are available for pain relief and musculoskeletal conditions. Please contact us for further details.